Why Collect Penguins?
Penguins on Stamps DVD's!

#1  Lesser Known Penguins on Stamps

#2   Tristan da Cunha: An Adventure Prompted by Penguins on Stamps

Available for $8.00 each or 2 for $15.
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Penguins on Stamps Study Unit


Why Should you become a possum?

As a member of the Penguins on Stamps Study Unit, you will:

 Learn about penguins and stamp collecting

Receive the quarterly newsletter "The Rookery" either by email or hard copy by mail

Get an accurate and current checklist of stamps of Penguins by Country and issue year

Receive new issue updates

Participate in annual gatherings during the ATA National Show











What Are some of the ways to collect penguin material from around the world?

Penguin collectors collect all types of Penguin material from around the world, including:

  •     Stamps
  •     Postcards
  •    Postal Stationary
  •    Maxi cards
  •    Souvenir and mini-sheets
  •    Envelopes (Covers)
  •    Books
  •    Pictures








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